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Rain will boost mosquito population

If we get the five inches of rain predicted for the weekend, the mosquitoes will come to life!

Dougherty County Public Works hasn't done any widespread spraying this year because it's been so dry.  In fact they've had very few complaints.  Public Works is gearing up to begin spaying Monday if we have a soggy weekend.

Mosquito Control here in Dougherty County is just starting to get complaints with rain showers in the past week. A mosquito can lay as many as 250 eggs at a time, and a little water is all they need to hatch, in holding ponds, or your back yard.

Dougherty County's mosquito trucks have sat idle this year, thanks to extremely dry conditions. Donnell Mathis was in his pickup today, just tending to complaints like stagnant pools, but he knows next week that could change.

"With the rain that we've gotten and the rain we're looking to get this weekend, three to five inches of rain, we don't know what location but if we do get that rain it could be a potential problem," said Mathis.

If the rain falls, he's already put plans in place to begin more routine sprayings.

"If the weather permits we will be out in full force on Monday," said Mathis.

All in an effort to get ahead of the pests, that may be lying in wait.

"The eggs will lay dormant from three to five years and once water gets into that area, the mosquitoes will begin to hatch out into the larva," said Mathis.

If high temperatures persist they can hatch out in one to five days. Light grab traps in Albany and Dougherty County so far have shown very little mosquito population.

"The fan sucks the mosquito up through the trap into the net and they come out of the holes there, which they'd be all in the net the next morning," said Mathis.

So far the most he's found is 45 in one trap, they're not a problem until you start seeing hundreds. They want the community's support if the rains come, to help get rid of standing water.

"Give yourself a day, go ahead and do an inspection around your home and pour out anything that has standing water," urged Mathis.

In an effort to hit the mosquitoes hard before they start biting you.

Stagnant pools that are a breeding ground for mosquitoes can be treated with several gallons of bleach to kill mosquito larva.

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