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Thomas Co. cracks down on gang activity

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - Investigators from Thomasville, Thomas County, and Lowndes County infiltrated neighborhoods in Thomasville to crack down on gang and drug activity."The problems are not major like you would see in some of the surrounding cities, but one of the things we're doing right now is jumping right on it so it doesn't become a major issue," said Gang Specialist Dominic Ford.

Police focused their search around the housing projects at the intersection of Horrix Street and MLK Drive.

While in the area, officers saw a man in a tan Cadillac driving recklessly. "We went to stop him, he wouldn't stop at first. A couple officers we're hanging on the car. He traveled a few feet, stopped," said Narcotics Commander Kevin Lee.

The driver was 46 year old Anthony Wilson. "Got him out of the vehicle, did a search. Found a pill bottle with 34 small bags of powder cocaine," said Lee.

More than 400 dollars in cash and the Cadillac were seized. Police say they don't take housing project offenses lightly. "Because you have a lot of kids and we don't want kids seeing people selling cocaine or using cocaine or any type of illegal drug for that matter," said Lee.

Investigators say they did not notice any gang related activity while on the scene. They say they will continue to monitor the areas where the activity is suspected.

Police are also asking the community to report any suspected gang related activity. They wear certain colors, draw gang-related graffiti, and display gang signs.

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