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Rae-Rae was caught red-handed


The man wanted for robbing three convenience stores is now in police custody. 19-year-old Tyrafred Campbell was caught last night in a traffic stop in Dooly County.

Camera's and Cops are the first line of defense for convenience store clerks.

"Anybody who robs convenience stores are being stupid in the first place. We don't keep that much money," said Clerk Richard Camp.  

Camp should know because he's worked in several gas stations over 15 years.

"I just do my job. I've been doing it for so long it doesn't bother me anymore."

Dougherty County Police are relieved because "Rae-Rae was caught, red-handed, on the road in Dooly county. Lee County Investigators say surveillance video shows 19-year-old Tyrafred Campbell in action at Homerun Foods.

Just weeks later, Investigators say he wore a woman's wig, shades and a gun to rob two other gas stations.  "He looks like someone who watches to much TV and thinks that's a good disguise," said Camp. 

Police say this character not only committed robbery, but even shot at a customer in the parking lot.

Campbell is charged with three counts of armed robbery, along with aggravated assault.


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