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Committee helps military personnel

There are dozens of programs to assist military personnel and their families, but not everyone knows where to find them.

That's where Georgia's inter service family assistance committee comes in.

At that meeting, they were told that 40% of all homeless men have served in the armed forces.

And half of those homeless veterans have a substance abuse problem.

The Inter-Service Family Assistance Committee was organized to slash those statistics.

Colonel Dan Zachman knows how beneficial resources can be to armed forces and their families.

"I was last deployed in 2006," says Col. Dan Zachman.

He was only over seas for four months but other military personnel are not so lucky.

"The army guard service members typically deploy for twelve or more months to combat zones so they tend to have more concerns because of the length of their deployment and the type of their deployment," says Zachman.

And when a soldier is away for an extended period of time, family members are left wondering what is next.

The husband or wife who are left behind suddenly become single parents.

"They are having to re-adjust their entire life," says Melissa Dalton, FAC Specialist.

That is where the inter-service family assistance committee steps in.

They help service families with everything from health insurance to finding a job, even getting food on the table.

"We had so many services members and family members that did not understand the benefits and resources that were available to them," says Dalton.

And more importantly she says they did not know where to find the help.

"It is a great idea to get the various agencies and organizations that support service members and their families together in central form so we can share ideas," says Zachman.

He says they have representative from one end of the state to the other, providing assistance to service members and their families every day.

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