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Heat & Humidity driving up temps and utility bills

Temperatures in the high 90's again sent the heat index over 105 degrees here in south Georgia.  It's got air conditioning units running all day trying to cool off homes.

WG&L says despite high temperatures, bills in June weren't too bad because there wasn't any humidity, but that's a different story now.

The good news is the population here in south Georgia isn't high enough even though temperatures are to cause this substation to fail causing a brown out. In fact we found out, WG&L typically makes enough energy to sell some of it off.

As south Georgia's heat and humidity continue to climb, so are many utility bills.

"When 100 degree temperature start in May bills are going to be higher. It is nothing in Albany in the summer not to see $200, and $300, and sometimes $400 bills," said Lorie Farkas, WG&L Assistant General Manager.

On average those having trouble paying have had bills around $250, but we found WG&L customers today who say they're conscious of what the heat can do to their bill. Just take Gloria Harris who's stopped running her air conditioner all day.

"We don't turn our air conditioner on until 2:00 when we're going to be home," said Gloria Harris W,G,&,L Customer.

They turn off the AC and just use a fan at night. As the humidity climbs a fan can be a useful tool.

"Turn a fan on in a room on low, it won't work on any other temperature, but if you put a fan on in conjunction with your air conditioning, that fan sucks the humidity or water out of the room and you feel more comfortable," said Farkas.

That's even if the thermostat is set at 78, but not everyone is willing to set it that high, when the mercury climbs above 100, Reggie Swan sets his at 74.

"You always want to feel comfortable when you get off of work, because I work in the afternoon when I get home I want to make sure its comfortable, and since I'm there in the morning,mm I want it to be nice and comfortable when I get up," said Reggie Swan, W,G,&,L Customer.

He's willing to put up with a little higher bill for the comfort.

"Between $250 and $275 a month," said Swan.

WG&L officials say if your bill is unusually high, there's likely something wrong. They encourage more people to take advantage of their energy audit program and say if you can see daylight anywhere by a window or door you're likely losing air that you paid for.

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