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Quail Unlimited seeks Albany members

The new national headquarters office for Quail Unlimited is now open in Albany. Quail hunting is a multi million dollar industry in South Georgia, and the habitat preservation organization has helped it grow. But as QU rebuilds their won financial structure, they are asking people in Albany to join their local chapter.

The new Quail Unlimited National Headquarters opened it's doors in Albany this week. Just 18 months ago Bill Bowles and many South Georgia volunteers saved the organization from financial ruin.

Bowles said "There were certainly serious times where we didn't know if QU was going to make it."

When Bowles was made President, Quail Unlimited was close to a half million dollars in debt to vendors. Now that debt has been cut in half, and the future appears solid. South Georgians stepped up to save one of the biggest annual publicity events in the region, the annual Quail Unlimited Celebrity Hunt.

Bowles said "We all know that this is the Quail Hunting Capital of the world. And we should think of Albany Georgia, the Quail Unlimited Celebrity Conservation Event."

Thousands of guests, many business leaders, come to South Georgia every year for quail hunting.

Albany Convention and Visitors Bureau Welcome Center Manager Rashelle Beasley said "They come her, they quail hunt and the see how wonderful it is here. Some of these could be business travelers, and that also gives us the opportunity to maybe get some economic development going."

This year will be the 26th year that Albany hosts the Celebrity Hunt, and while hundreds of people in Albany volunteer to work in the event, there are only 35 official members in the Albany Quail Unlimited chapter. Bowles is asking people to officially join QU as a member.

Bowles said "We in turn need the support from the local citizens to join and be a member of the organization."

Quail Unlimited has nearly 22,000 official members nationwide, but Albany is one of their smallest of their 112 chapters.

You can become a member of Quail Unlimited for as little as $45  a year.  You can link to the Quail Unlimited website here.

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