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South GA man builds one-of-a-kind "man cave"

COLQUITT COUNTY, GA - It may be 2011, but a south Georgia man has a project in the works that looks more like something out of 1811 He says it's one-of-a-kind. It's a log cabin. One that people would usually find in the mountains. He's building it himself. 

Dennis Cook cut down 42 pine trees with a specific look and diameter to build a small log cabin.

He invited us into his exclusive man cave he hand-built from the ground up. Dennis Cook started building it log by log two years ago.

"I just really enjoy building it and I don't think there's another one in south Georgia like it," said Cook.

The native mountain man from North Carolina just wanted to bring the traditional flair further south. He hand picked 42 trees from the seven acres of land surrounding his home.

Cook made sure the trunks were 19 to 21 inches in diameter- healthy, straight, and  tall.

Once he picked the perfect pine, he debarked each log with a draw knife. Then he stacked  and filled them with mortar. Each log has a rebar anchor supporting it.

Cook would still like to add heat and air conditioning to his getaway. His wife enjoys her husbands ambition.

"It's beautiful, great and we enjoy it," said Teresa Cook.

The next big addition will be a log cabin big enough to be their next home. Cook has to treat the logs to make sure they don't rot.

He mixes Antifreeze, boric acid, and laundry detergent together. He boils them and then coats the logs.

It only cost Cook about $2,000 dollars to build his 16 by 16 foot man cave.


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