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GBI will use Twitter and Facebook to issue alerts

The GBI will use facebook and twitter to help spread the word on child abductions or other criminal alerts.

Danny Jackson has seen technology come a long way. "It still amazes me you can get an email on your Blackberry or get a fax over the fax line," said GBI Special Agent in Charge Danny Jackson.

He's been with the GBI for 25 years and he remembers the days before there were computers and blackberries. "We didn't have cell phones, we didn't have pagers when we first started," he said.

But he's not complaining. He says technology has made his job easier and says its important to use those technologies to their benefits. "The quicker you can get that information out to the public, the better off you are going to be," he said.

Now, the GBI will be releasing child abduction and other crime alerts on Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Time is of the essence when you are dealing with an abducted child or a missing elderly person, and since many people check their twitter and facebook accounts on a regular basis and this will help reach more people faster. "The more time that goes by the less of a chance you have of recovering a child or an elderly person," he said.

Jackson is hopeful this new tactic will lead to even more success. He says times are changing and agents and law officers must stay in tuned with evolving technologies.

Agents say facebook not only helps getting information out to people but it also helps agents learn information about people involved in a cases they may be working.

There are several types of alerts that will be sent out such as a Levi's Call which alerts the public to child abduction, or a Mattie's Call to informs the public about a missing elderly or disabled person.The GBI said that emergency information will be available through social media on Friday.

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