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School board chooses lowest bidder, but after a struggle

After public outcry over the school board's discussion to hire a more expensive bond attorney, they voted Wednesday to go with a lower bid.

Only after the low bidder showed up and questioned their rationale.

In a stunning exchange Monday night, some board members actually pushed to hire a lawyer whose bid was $20,000 above the low bid just because he graduated from Monroe High School.

The superintendent even defended the decision saying he didn't care if it cost 100-thousand dollars more as long as a person with local ties was hired.

Wednesday, the low bidder, Roger Murray, showed up at the board meeting and questioned whether they should spend more taxpayer money than they have to.

"We submitted the lowest proposal and we think that it's only fair that, we want to be treated fairly just like you do, that you accept the lowest proposal," said Roger Murray, Murray Barnes Law Firm

"He talked about fairness and again I was concerned because he was below the other folks almost $100,000 and the closest person to him was $57,000," said Rev. James Bush, DCSS Board Chairman.

Board members apparently listened to what he had to say and actually voted to hire his firm.

Except for Milton "Junebug" Griffin who voted against hiring the low bidder.

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