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Skatepark may be moving

Keeping teens busy when school's out can often prevent crime, but tonight, one teen attraction is part of a tug of war.

The River Skatepark at the Oglethorpe Bride is free and offers a source of entertainment to youngsters, but Mayor Willie Adams says it should be moved.

"I think that it's not fully utilized and I think the location is probably not the very best location," said Mayor Adams.

He'd like it moved to Chehaw Park, where there's already a BMX track.

"I was approached by a citizen in the community with the idea, suggesting that maybe it would do better at Chehaw Park. Certainly as I started thinking about it, I said, 'You know what, she's exactly right'," said Mayor Adams.

ADICA Director Aaron Blair disagrees.

He says the skatepark is a popular downtown attraction and moving it to Chehaw will cost the skaters.

"Right now, the skatepark is free of use and we have a lot of people who go over there and utilize the skate park," said Blair.

Blair says the skate park is good for the city because it gives teens a place to hang out and keeps them off the streets from doing illegal activities.

"Anytime you can provide an arena for youth and young adults so they can do something productive, it's always going to keep them out of trouble," said Blair.

Blair hopes the skate park will stay in its current location not only for the teens, but to attract more traffic to the area.

Nothing is set in stone yet. The mayor is only talking with representatives at Chehaw about moving the skatepark to the new location.

The skatepark opened is owned by the Albany-Dougherty Inner City Authority.

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