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Eight arrested in Cairo gambling bust

CAIRO, GA (WALB) - Eight suspects are charged so far in an ongoing Cairo Police Department investigation into commercial gambling.

Police say these store owners used legal gaming machines in an illegal way. The clerks would pay cash under the table to winners.

The four stores involved were forced to close through the weekend, and two of the stores remained closed today. "It's affecting this part of the community. Much," said Cairo Resident Bonnie Tyler.

Many folks told us they buy many of their essentials at these convenience stores. Parin and Nikung Patel were arrested at Hud's on fifth street.

Jeremiah James says he's a regular at the store. "We have to walk all the way across town just to get to the store or whatever and this is the only store in the neighborhood we really need and we need it back open."

Cairo Mart is the other store that remains closed. Kamal and Raslan Faraj were arrested there. "I don't really know what all happened inside when officers arrived, but I do miss them," said Tyler.

The two stores involved that re-opened today were a Petro and Cairo Food Mart both on U-S 84. Ramesh, Vaishali, and Tarun Patel were all arrested at the Petro.

Prakashchandra Patel was taking into custody at the Cairo Food Mart. They were all released on bond.

The Cairo Police Department will continue investigating the case. The suspects are charged with one count of commercial gambling each.

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