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Heavy rainfall helps crops

Glorious rainfall for most of us over the weekend. In Leesburg, 4.7 inches of rain fell between Thursday and Sunday.

Lawns and flower beds are especially grateful for the drought relief.

Employees at Mark's Greenhouse are excited about what they saw this weekend

"Lots of rain," says Brian Wright, Mark's Greenhouse Manager.

Even though they are set up to irrigate, Wright says it is still a struggle with no rain.

"Our well wasn't working at full capacity so it did stress the plants," says Wright.

When the water level is lower than the well, pumping water becomes a hassle.

"It is hard to keep plants alive when you are in a drought like this," says Wright.

The nursery saw anywhere from two to three inches of rain over the weekend.

The weekend's heavy rainfall is not only great for plants, but it is great for business.

"It really affects us more in the line of people don't want to plant, they do not want to buy plants if it is not raining," says Wright.

He has already noticed that today seems busier than usual.

And he is not the only one welcoming the rainfall.

"The best case scenario would be two more inches of rain every week until September," says  Doug Collins, Lee County Extension Agent.

Collins says the only downside to the rain is having to spray more pesticides on the crops.

"We'll start having to spray more fungicides on our peanuts and pecans, but we will put up with that if we can keep getting more rain," says Collins.

And hopefully there is more rainfall in our future.

And Collins says the lack of rain could have helped make some crops stronger.

The drought prepares peanuts, for example, to learn to use water more efficiently through the rest of the season.


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