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Valdosta wants better crime control

Friday, police surrounded a building at Forrestwood Apartments and arrested Devonte Brantley. Friday, police surrounded a building at Forrestwood Apartments and arrested Devonte Brantley.

Some neighborhood watch organizers in Valdosta worry people are becoming too complacent about crime.

The recent arrest of an accused killer near Forrestwood Drive has renewed  attempts to strengthen neighborhood watch programs. Organizers say it's their best shot at fighting and preventing crime.

A suspect in a deadly home invasion was arrested in this Valdosta neighborhood. It's a wake up call for neighbors who say crime doesn't take a vacation.

Elick Dargan formed the Marathon Drive neighborhood watch 13 years ago. Through the years he says they've had some success with it but he wants neighbors to realize crime doesn't discriminate.

"Don't be in your home saying this won't happen to me because you never know it you could be the next one it happened to," said Dargan.

"In the Valdosta-Lowndes County community, there are people who really love and care for their community and when they commit crimes we will take a stand," said Carlos Hundley, neighborhood watch organizer.

He wants neighbors on Forrestwood Drive, Largo Circle and Marathon Drive to remember to immediately report suspicious cars or people.

"Call police. Don't wait to call one of us the block captain or the president when you do you're wasting valuable time," said Dargan.

Around nine o'clock Friday police surrounded a building at Forrestwood Apartments with their guns drawn and arrested Devonte Brantley.

No one was hurt here but last week at Greenwood Apartments which is across town, police say Brantley fired a shot during an attempted robbery. It hit 20-year-old Chris Small in the head. He died Saturday morning.

Neighbors say this crime is a reminder they need to come together and look out for one another. 

Police and prosecutors aren't sure yet if Devonte Brantley shot Chris Small on purpose.

The next neighborhood watch meeting for the Marathon Drive, Largo Circle or Forrestwood Drive area will be July 25 at 2577 Marathon Drive. You can call Robert Young at 834-5210 for more information.

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