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Rain Damage Update

Although the rain was a welcome guest to our drought plagued area the thunderstorm that brought those showers also brought down several trees and power lines. 

Rain washed away part of Merydith Drive leaving behind a four feet sinkhole with three inches of rain that poured down in Albany over 45 minutes.

"Mother Nature is an amazing force and best you try its not enough" says David Smith, project manager of Merydith Drive Improvement projects,"it undermined our temporary measures and essentially as a safety precaution we shut down Merydith for the rest of the weekend."

The ongoing construction of the road caused for temporary filling of the work area.

Across Town near Moultrie Road, Karloes Ponder found a tree smashed into his car during the downpour.

Ponder says "I saw a car pass by they was slowing down looking at the yard so I ran to the other room to see if the other side of the house got hit looked out the window and saw the car, I'm glad that it fell this way."

Off of Robin hood 3 trees fell on both of Jarrett Martin's cars.

"{SIC} Lot of lightning and thunder and the wind picked up started twisting trees around I actually had 3 trees fall on both of our vehicles", says Martin.

Flash floods filled the streets and power lines were down all over the city, leaving over 800 Water Gas and Light customers without power including the Shell station on Dawson.

WGL crews plan to work throughout the night to restore power. The sounds of chainsaws will likely be heard in some neighborhoods over the next couple of days.

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