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Flash flood causes damage in Albany

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Throughout the city, cleanup is underway after that powerful pop-up thunderstorm rolled through causing flash flooding and bringing down trees and power lines. Some of them landed on top of cars and homes.

Three trees fell at Jarrett Martin's home on Robinhood drive Saturday. One landed on the owner's two cars and snagged power lines on the way down. The other two came close from landing on the home. One landed in a next-door neighbor's yard.  

"There was a lot of lightning and thunder," said Martin. "The wind picked up and started twisting trees around."

People who didn't get caught up in the storm could certainly hear the loud booms of thunder. The flash flood quickly filled streets. Earnest Favors was on the road in the driving rain. He had to pull over.

"It got a little rough," said Favors. "I couldn't see. We needed the rain. We could have done without the storm though."

Cars passed through flooded roads on Benjamin Avenue just off Dawson road. The intersection of Slappey boulevard and Dawson road was chaos. At least five busy intersections including this one had no power.

Roughly 800 Water Gas and Light customers were without electricity near Slappey and Palmyra, including the Shell Station on Dawson road. Power went out at 3:00. Even though customers couldn't pump gas they still bought items inside. Power crews continue to work and repair downed cables and firefighters stayed at Martin's home until water gas and light could turn off the power.

Martin just paid off both of his cars. He contacted his insurance company about the damage. Power crews are busy tonight getting lights back on. So far no injuries reported.

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