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Stroke patient becomes theft victim

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A thief stole an Albany woman's wheelchair. It happened at the east Albany Walmart last Friday.

The stroke victim has had a hard time getting around for the last week. WALB News Ten's Tayleigh talked to her about that difficulty and the crime.

Shirley Powell said she and her husband went shopping at the new Walmart. She folded up her wheelchair and got into a mobilized chair to shop.

When she went back for her chair, it was gone.  Powell has used a wheelchair since 2006. She's been without one for almost a week.

"This is my first time hearing about a wheelchair getting stolen," Powell said.

Powell says she and her husband Charles went to the east Albany Walmart Friday. She got a mobilized chair and put her wheelchair next to the wall near the entrance. The Powells shopped for about an hour. When they were ready to leave, the wheelchair was gone.

"At first, I thought somebody was playing a little joke," Powell added. "We sat there for 45 minutes and never saw the wheelchair. We just came to the house."

The Powells filed a police report and contacted Albany Home Patient care to receive a new wheelchair through medicare.

"It's a sad case that we're getting to the point where people are stealing other peoples' property," said Customer Service Representative, Shannon Kohler.

Charles said he's helped his wife as much as possible this week. Even with a cane, it's hard for her to get around.

"It's straight illiterate for you to go around and take a hard-earning person's stuff. It's wrong,"said Mr. Powell.

The Powells don't plan on coming back to the east Albany location any time soon.

We did contact Walmart. A manager says she had no knowledge of the theft even though the Powells said they spoke with Walmart personnel and filed a police report last Friday.

The happy ending to this story is that Albany Home Patient Care delivered a new wheelchair to Mrs. Powell Friday evening.