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Dougherty County CRCT investigation back on

A complete reversal by Governor Nathan Deal Thursday, as the state investigation into Dougherty County School's 2009 C-R-C-T exams is back on.

Wednesday his office said he was ending the investigation.

Late Thursday afternoon Governor Deal said state investigators want to complete the probe because they have serious concerns about what they found here so far.

Governor Nathan Deal said state investigators convinced him to continue the probe into cheating allegations in Dougherty County's 2009 CRCT.

""Unfortunately, I have received word today that the investigators review of their preliminary results in Dougherty County has raised grave concerns. We owe it to the children of Dougherty County to get answers." said Governor Nathan Deal.

Former Georgia Attorney General Mike Bowers, who is leading the state investigation said ""After reviewing the preliminary results of the investigation in Dougherty County on Wednesday and today, contrary to my initial impression, I do not believe the investigation should be terminated."

Dougherty County School officials thought the investigation was over, following yesterdays statement from the Governor's Office.

School System Attorney Tommy Coleman said "I'm sure that the school superintendent and the board members feel like they are on the end of a yo-yo."

School Board Chairman James Bush told me  "I am stunned."

Earlier Thursday Superintendent Dr. Joshua Murfree, still thinking they had been exonerated said "I don't know if there is some kind of witch hunt, but I can look right then and see that there was no cheating based on that."

School Board member David Maschke said tonight ""We will continue to be open with investigators, to prove we have done nothing wrong, and complete this investigation as soon as possible."

Coleman said "If there is cheater in the Dougherty County School System, we want to know it. We want to take action as well."

Governor Deal said "I have instructed the investigators to present me with a complete report of their investigation into the Dougherty County School System as quickly as possible."

Dougherty County School officials said this investigation has been a distraction before, and is still hanging over them.@

Coleman said that the investigation will probably not continue until the first of August, when the teachers return to work.

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