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Albany Rotarians say "No Butts Please"

Some civic club members want smokers to stop flicking their cigarette butts along roads.

The Albany and Dougherty County Rotary Clubs are joining the "No Butts Please" campaign.

To show how big the problem is, Albany Rotary Club President Steve Allen Thursday raked up this pile of cigarette buts and trash in a small area at the Liberty Expressway and North Jefferson.

Transportation officials say 51 billion pieces of litter were thrown on U.S. highways last year, and 38 percent of that was tobacco products.

Albany Rotary Club President Steve Allen said  "Visitors come to our town and see litter everywhere. We have got to learn to be passionate about the place we live and respect it."

Albany's Mayor, Police Chief, City and County Commissioners pledged to help in this new community campaign to clean up litter in Dougherty County. Rotarians are handing out auto and personal pocket ashtrays, and will organize clean up community clean up details.

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