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Sign Caylee's Law here

An Oklahoma woman upset about the Casey Anthony verdict is taking it to the federal government.

Michelle Crowder is petitioning the government to create "Caylee's Law." The two part law would make it a felony for a parent, legal guardian or caretaker to not report the death of a child within an hour. It would also be a felony to not report a child missing within 24 hours.

Casey Anthony and her lawyers were all smiles after they heard the words not guilty. And with all the media attention many are comparing this case to the O.J. Simpson trial. But Michelle Crowder, mother of two, doesn't want to see anything like this again. She got the idea for her petition after seeing a Facebook page named "Caylee's Law" that pushed for tougher laws to keep kids safe.

"After half an hour of seeing people agreeing with it, I figured something had to be done," said Crowder. That's when she went to and created her own petition. In just two days more than 200,000 people have signed it. "I"I'm proud to know that many people care," said Crowder.

Here in Georgia a similar law was used against 20-year-old Deanna Hammond. Albany Police say she threw her new born baby in the trash. Hammond was charged with concealing a death and abandonment of a dead body.

Meanwhile the Casey Anthony case continues later today with her facing a judge one more time. Experts are saying the most time Anthony could get for lying to cops is a year. But since she has already spent three years behind bars, she could walk away a free woman.

Click HERE if you would like to sign "Caylee's Law". You can watch more on this case on WALB/ABC. And Barbra Walters will continue her sit down interview with Casey Anthony's lawyer Jose Baez today, the first since the "not guilty" verdict, on ABC's Good Morning America, and The View.

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