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New law gives bicyclists three feet of space

There's a new law in Georgia designed to protect people on bicycles.

Drivers are now required to give bicyclists three feet of space when they pass them.

Dr. Ben Hogan knows the dangers of bicycling.

"We very well should've been dead," said Dr. Hogan.

While riding his bicycle on Inner Perimeter Road two years ago, a truck came up behind him and hit him.

"There was no traffic beside the guy and he got on the road too close," said Hogan. "All it takes is a few seconds of not paying a attention."

Hogan was thrown into the ditch. He says he did have some bad road rash, a few broken bones and a separated shoulder.

Jordan Ganas survived a truck/bike crash, too.

"It hit right here which then knocked my handle bars to the right which caused my whole bike to flip like that," said Ganas. "I flew a good 10 feet."

They're both thankful for a new law that requires cars to give bicycles an extra three feet of space when passing them.

It would prevent future crashes and little Thomas Mosley's family is banking on it.

"Follow the rules of the road make sure you know your bike is vehicle," said Mosely.

Bike crashes happen all too often. Blake Waagner, owner of the Valdosta Bike Center says at least once a month a college student is hit. It's important for everyone to pay attention and follow the law and share the road.

Waagner says a lot of drivers believe bicyclists should ride on sidewalks but that is illegal.

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