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Phoebe Putney welcomes new medical students

Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital welcomed a new class of medical students Tuesday morning.

The students are entering their third year of med school at the Georgia Health Sciences University.

They will be receiving their medical training at Phoebe and students I spoke with say they are excited to get to work.

Jacob Holley is going into his family's business, it just so happens his family's business requires a PhD.

Tuesday marks the beginning of his third year of medical school and his first day at Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital.

"Here you get more personalized attention and so the education you get a lot more of the questions a lot more patients and a lot more experience down here," says Jacob Holley, South West Campus Med Students Vice President.

He says he has been waiting for this one on one experience since he got into med school.

"All you hear about, the first 2 years of med school, is you'll raise your hand and ask a question and they will be like 'well you will understand that better when you get to clinical experience'," says Holley.

Joe Austin who spoke with the students this morning, is hoping they stay here after graduation.

"This is one of the greatest places in the south to live and we hope that when they finish their training they will come back here and potentially do their residency here and make their home here," says Joe Austin, Phoebe Executive VP/COO.

He says 60 percent of students who graduate from the Phoebe program stay within 60 miles of Albany.

Austin wants the public to know by allowing a med student to observe your surgery or doctors visit, you are improving your community.

"If I can allow a student in the room during my care or my family's care, that makes him a better physician for my kids, my grand kids, that is the right thing to do," says Austin.

Holley hopes to get the same experience at Phoebe that his grandfather received over 50 years ago.

"So that was another connection, it was nice to kind of follow in his footsteps and stuff and when he finished up his residency, he went and opened up a private practice in Donalsonville in the mid 60's I think it was, and my uncle's currently running that and hopefully I will be stepping back into there once I finish up," says Holley.

He says the unique education coupled with his family legacy is what ultimately influenced his decision to come to Phoebe

Holley will travel to Valdosta Tuesday night because Wednesday, he will begin seeing patients for the first time.

The rest of orientation consisted of the new students meeting Phoebe faculty and officials, and getting their pictures taken for their hospital badges.

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