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Gas Leak at East Albany SunTrust

The East Albany Sun-Trust Bank was evacuated Monday morning because of a gas leak.

Employees smelled the leak when they got back to work after the holiday weekend. Water, Gas, and Light crews began working on the gas line soon after they got the call.

They believe the leak was caused by a lightning strike some time during the long weekend.

"It was just a freak act of mother nature. Unfortunately in Southwest Georgia, we have a lot of lightning and thunderstorms during the summer, and it just hit the line and welded it to the power line. I'm really proud of the crews that found it so quickly and repaired it as quickly as they did," says Lorie Farkas, Water, Gas, & Light Assistant General Manager.

One crew member says he's never seen anything like this in his two decades with the company.

The crews contained the leak in about an hour. Customers were allowed back into the bank soon after.

Farkas says if you smell gas, you should do what the Sun Trust employees did and call for help immediately.


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