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Albany celebrates the fourth of July

It took months of preparation and twelve thousand dollars to get these fireworks in the air.

Albany's Recreation Department have been setting up these fireworks since 6:00AM to promise the biggest and best show south of Atlanta.

Dale Henry has been setting up the city's firework show for 21 years.

"it gets in your blood and you just love it," Dale Henry, Firework Coordinator.

It takes about ten hours to set up the fireworks and even in 95 degree heat, he says he looks forward to it every year.

"When you hear the crowd and everyone enjoys it, that's what keeps us coming back," says Henry.

It took months of preparation to get these fireworks off the ground.

Planning started in February, and by June that were finishing up wiring and building them.

"Been going on for decades, citizens love their fireworks and quiet frankly I love them too," says Kristin Caso, Recreation and Parks Department Special Event Coordinator.

Just because you have been to the celebration before, does not mean your going to get the same show.

"Every year I look forward to it because the guys change it up with music and fireworks each year and give us something new and different," says Caso.

"We like to keep them wondering what is coming next, we put a lot of emphasis on people being surprised," says Henry.

And if your wondering what his favorite firework is after 2 decades of running the show.

"I like the big stuff, and I've got a lot of big stuff," says Henry.

And big is the only way to celebrate the fourth of July.

For the ten year anniversary of September 11th, the celebration also included a tribute for the first responders.

Caso says the fireworks are dedicated to the local first responders who keep the community safe and secure.


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