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Not everyone closed shop for the Fourth

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - While much of the country takes a day off work to observe our nation's independence, there are some of us who did clock in today.

And while you will find a number of businesses with a closed sign, some establishments do decide to stay open. "We're hoping to get more customers. We're usually steady and busy on Mondays and I guess by it being the fourth of July. But we're trying to get them in here and serve them," said Firehouse Supervisor Aisha Thermond.

Firehouse Subs in Thomasville is one restaurant that did not close their doors. One customer says he's grateful they made that decision. "We had talked about that this morning and wondering which ones were open and this is one we usually go to and we're very comfortable with it and happy that it's open. That's how we decided to come here," said Firehouse Customer Brian Jackson.

Seminole Wind Buffet is another local eatery open for Independence Day. "Fourth of July is one of those holidays where some people are off and some are not. We may be busy tonight, we may not be busy," said Morning Manager Lloyd Klein.

Klein says folks can watch tonight's fireworks from inside the restaurant. "We actually probably expect a pretty big crowd for dinner and they will just stay for the fireworks."

One customer says it was Seminole Wind or bust. "If they weren't open today I don't know what we would have done. Right now for lunch anyway. We're gunna grill later," said Mike Whigham.

Susan Helms is a manager at a local dollar store. She says sometimes people assume places will be closed. "A lot of people don't know we'd be open today maybe that's why we're slow, but yea we're open every holiday."

Helms says she really doesn't mind working on holidays. "I don't work for Americans so I guess that's why we stay open, but they expected us to be busy today because a lot of places are closed."

The folks at Seminole Wind told us the buffet will be stocked with more food than usual tonight, in anticipation of a strong dinner rush. Every business we spoke with today plans on staying open until just before the start of the fireworks.

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