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The real meaning of Independence Day

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Do you really know what Independence Day is all about? In case you don't two hundred years ago, America gained their independence from England because of what soldiers did in the American revolution.

To this day our servicemen and women continue to fight for freedom around the world.  Lt.. Kyle Thomas stands by the oath he took years ago.

"To defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic," said Thomas. It's the oath he followed as a Marine.

A job that took him around the Globe, from the battlefields in Iraq to Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.

While in Iraq the enemy he fought was like none he'd ever encountered. "We treated everyone humanely and that's what separated us from the people we were fighting," he said. 

That type of strength runs in his family. His grandfather James Solesbee was in the Air Force and spent time in Korea. "Listening to everybody talk about him was one of my influences to actually join," said Thomas. 

Now he's off the battlefield and in the public affairs office at the Marine Base in Albany. "It shows me a different side of the military. Also I'm in a position to actually interact with the great people of Albany," said Thomas. 

On this day we celebrate our independence, and salute those who continue to fight for our freedom.