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GSP enforces safety July 4th weekend

Thousands of people are hitting the roads this holiday weekend. GSP troopers are out on the roads making sure people aren't speeding, drinking and driving or doing anything else that may put other drivers at risk.

Highway 82 was busy but not packed Sunday afternoon with people getting to their holiday destinations. Kevin Williams is heading to the Big Apple for the fourth.

"Hopefully we'll have a good time and be safe," said Williams.

he's checking his tire pressure. GSP Trooper Scott McClure says it's a good idea to also check your fluids before taking a big trip. McClure says he sees a lot of speeding during the holidays. People want to get to their destinations quickly. With six fatalities on the road since the summer travel period started Friday. He say it's not worth the risk.

"Calm down and relax because you're going to get there," said McClure.

McClure says to buckle up and make sure your kids are properly restrained.

"You don't want to get in a wreck or be pulled over and not have a seatbelt on,McClure added. "That's a little too late."

Troopers will also keep a look out for drunk drivers. Williams, who's heading to Atlanta today to fly out tomorrow, is getting an early start so he's not on the road late at night.

"Hopefully with us leaving so early we'll miss it," Williams added. "This afternoon or evening will probably get a little worse but we'll be in Atlanta before all that."

Troopers encourage people to pay attention on the roads since traffic will remain steady all weekend.

If you need assistance or need to report a reckless driver you can dial *GSP or *477.


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