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GA car tags will change

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By Liz Holmes

Albany, GA - (WALB) - For the first time in nearly two decades, Georgia is updating its license plate design.

And for the first time you can help decide what the plates will look like when you vote for one of eight finalists.

The Georgia Department of Revenue is taking your votes online to decide which design will adorn Georgia's vehicles. The DOR says the new plates will be cheaper to make and a lot more stylish.

The DOR chose the top designs out of more than 500 entries. Anyone could enter as long as the design had a Georgia peach and reflected light.

"Lots of states around us have some really good looking tags, so I think that was kind of trying to build up some excitement and have some input from the public," said Dougherty County Tax Commissioner Denver Hooten.

The DOR says one of the main perks of the new tag is that it will be digitally made, meaning it will cost less than the old ones with the grooves.

The three most popular designs will go to Governor Deal. He'll decide the final winner July 15th. The tag's makeover will be the first since 1993.

 "That's been too long. They should have done that before now," said Richard Williams didn't know about the contest, but now that he does, he knows which will win.

But don't base your choice on the bottom of the tag. Denver Hooten says you can still keep the traditional county name or replace it with "In God We Trust" for a dollar more.

The new tags will be out in November but will take up to five years to phase out the old ones.


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