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WG&L dumps cable TV partner

The Albany Water, Gas and Light Commission's board canceled its plans, for now, to be a local cable TV provider in partnership with L2 Networks.  They will try to find other companies to work with.

"We kind of got at a stalemate and we're trying to move forward with the costumers on the residential side and nothing was seeming to gel here with it. We waited and waited and waited and the commission decided we needed to move forward," said Director of Telecommunications Ronny Skates

Eva Meisner is upset there is currently no other option for her cable situation and is disappointed in the Commission's decision because she is fed up with her current provider.

"I frankly would like an option right now because I had to call them up this month over three items that I did not agree with or had a question on my bill," said Meisner.

Not only are some residents upset there won't be another cable competitor, they're also upset there won't be any new jobs.

Water, Gas and Light promised hundreds of new full time positions that can't be filled now.

Cable customer Ann Williams thinks a little healthy competition is what consumers need in Albany.

"With the way the economy is today, we need all kinds of competition in everything. There should always be competition," said Williams.

"I would like another company here to sit down and compare things," said Meisner.

The commission will meet soon to talk more about the future of local cable TV service.

Skates went on to say they are not scrapping the idea of offering cable TV all together. He said they're reaching out to other companies to see if this project may still get off the ground.

Water, Gas and Light is still doing business with L2 Networks to provide internet service to businesses.

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