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You may not be registered to vote

Municipal General Elections are only a few months away. You may think you're registered to vote but you might not be.

Every odd year, confirmation notices are sent out to those voters who have not voted in the last 3 years.

On May 6th, those notices were sent out to over three thousand inactive voters.

Shamika Rich, an Albany business owner, votes in every election.

"Mainly because it gives us a voice in the community," says Shamika Rich, Albany business owner.

But even she was taken back by the purge process.

"It does surprise me," says Rich.

Ginger Nickerson, says confirmation notices were sent out to more than 3000 people.

"You got a confirmation notice because we haven't heard from you in 3 years. So if we do not get anything from you, you will be moved to an inactive status, so in 2013 you'll be deleted," says Ginger Nickerson, Supervisor for Dougherty County Elections.

She says if you plan on voting in the upcoming election in November, you need to get those notices in by August 8th, thirty days before the election.

The Voter Registration and Elections Office just expanded in order to accommodate the large number of people who will come here to vote come November 3rd.

"All votes make a difference and every vote counts," says Nickerson.

By voting in each election, you keep your record current and have an impact on your community.

She says people who do not take the initiative to vote, have no right to complain.

"You really cannot say anything about any policy or anything that happens, any decision that a law maker would make, because you did not have a voice in placing that law maker there," says Nickerson.

And Shamika Rich agrees, saying everyone should get out make sure you are eligible to vote.

"It just makes us aware that we really should be more involved in what is going on in our city," says Rich.

She hopes that people who are on the inactive list, take it upon themselves to be more active in their community.

In November, the Mayor will be up for election and Commissioner Wards 1, 4 and 6.

Ginger Nickerson says the Sunday alcohol sales referendum question might also be on the ballad.

If you are concerned about your voting status or need a mail in ballad you can visit the secretary of state web site.


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