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Agents intercept inmate drug deal

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - Narcotics agents set up surveillance on a dumpster behind the Thomas County Health Department. Around 7 o'clock Monday night, a vehicle parked behind the building, let out the passenger, and honked the horn. "I was notified by the Narcotics Agent's Vice Squad about a surveillance they were conducting so I accompanied them with that," said Thomas County Prison Warden Robert Geer.

The passenger was Tammy Mitchell, who started pacing behind the building. Police say Mitchell paced for about 10 minutes before meeting up with Shundra Paris by the railroad tracks. The women than approached a rear door and Paris ran into the building.

A narcotics agent than knocked on the same door. When narcotics agents knocked on the door at the Thomas County Health Department, they were greeted by prison inmates who were expecting someone else.

The inmates were supposed to be cleaning the building. Renaldo Bess, serving a 16-year sentence for armed robbery, opened the door. Bess and another inmate were ordered to the ground.

Police say Paris had numerous pouches in her possession. "We found a lot of contraband. Tobacco, some marijuana, some alcohol," said Geer.

Officers also found inmate Linard Johnson. The prison guard on duty was found in a break room with another inmate. "The officer returned to my office the following morning with his resignation in hand," said Geer.

Police say the inmates will be transferred to a state facility after all of the paper work is completed.

Tammy Mitchell is charged with four counts of criminal trespass. Shundra Paris is charged with marijuana possession with intent to distribute and other drug charges.

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