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Walmart lowers prices on gasoline

Today Walmart announced a 90-day Rollback at the pump to give customers a savings of 10 cents a gallon at participating Murphy USA and Walmart gas stations, leaving drivers like Ernest Jones ecstatic about his summer plans.

"I plan to go out of town so this ten cents a gallon will help me out a lot," said Jones.

Drivers must use a Walmart money card, credit card or gift card to receive the ten cents off.

Driver Randall Sampson will also be traveling this summer to Florida and he says it's cheaper to gas up in Georgia than Florida. The extra 10 cents off will only help.

"We plan on going to Florida a bit and it does make it a little bit easier to make a decision that you're saving 50 or 60 cents a gallon then add on this ten cents," said Sampson.

Walmart researchers reported their customers spend just as much on gas as they do groceries, that's why Walmart came up with this 10 cent initiative especially for the southern states of the U.S.

"I guess with the prices the way they are now and everything is going up, I think its great that Walmart is doing this to help the economy. I will definitely be going to get a gift card," said driver April West.

Sampson said he is thankful for the discount.

"We thank Walmart for doing it and we all need any kind of help we can get, especially with the way the economy is we appreciate them helping everybody," said Sampson.

The ten cents discount will continue through the summer until September 30th

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