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High-flying girls headed to Nationals

There is a special group of athletes from Southwest Georgia headed to the AAU Nationals sponsored by ESPN. The Inbound Gymnastics team will be competing in four different categories against hundreds of others.

For most of the girls this isn't their first time competing. And they say the nerves are just something that comes with the territory.

Watching these high-flying ladies defy gravity is unbelievable. Every flip, jump, and pose has to be perfect if they want to win this weekend.

"There's so many different strengths needed for all these events. We have to make it look effortless," said Gymnast Emily Graffe. 

They've spent weeks preparing for the AAU Championship."The ultimate dream for some of the ladies is the Olympics," said father of one of the gymnasts Johnny Calhoun. 

"I think about the routine in my head and think of ways to best execute it," said Graffe.

This isn't like other sports, one wrong move could cost you the competition or even your life.  "It's a lot of pins and needles as I sit here and watch them. One wrong move and they could be paralyzed," said Calhoun. 

However coaches say the only thing this team is coming home with is a win. The team leaves tomorrow for Orlando and they plan to return Sunday.

Inbound Gymnastics has spots open for boys and girls. And if you want your child to participate click on this LINK.

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