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Residents clean up storm damage

Some folks in Worth and Colquitt Counties are busy cleaning up damage from storms that ripped through yesterday.

They needed the rain, but could have done without the hail and high winds that damaged homes and businesses.

Marion Turner and her son, spent all morning cleaning debris from the storm that hit their tool shed in south west Worth County yesterday afternoon.

"It started raining real hard and you could hear the hail and then the wall started shaking. I just looked over and thought what in the world," says Marion Turner of Worth County.

Her son Darrell Weider was outside taking out the garbage when the storm hit.

He says the hail came down around 5:30PM, and soon after the shed was being blown to pieces.

"We have a piece of a wall right here in the tree, and the roof right here," says Darrell Weider of Worth County.

Yesterday this shed was standing upright, being used to house lawn mowers and tool boxes, but today it is destroyed.

"This was the back wall and it used to come to about here. That is where the post went in," says Weider.

His mom says she does not understand how she was the only one on her block who suffered from damage.

"Well somebody upstairs must be mad at us," says Turner.

But it turns out she was not the only one.

Near by, in Colquitt County, two chicken houses on Sumner Road, also suffered damage from the storm.

As you can see, sheets of metal were thrown all over the property, even one wrapped around the top of this tree.

Even with all the damage, Turner says she is lucky no one was hurt.

"I feel very thankful that it hit this thing and not that house," says Turner.

As soon as they get the yard cleaned up, they will start rebuilding the shed, she says hopefully a little more sturdy than the last one.

Marion Turner tells us she has lived there for five years and this is the first time they have had any significant storm damage there.


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