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TPD cracks down on burglaries

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THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - The poor economy has led to an increase in some crime. Folks trying to make ends meet are stealing things like jewelry, cash, and copper.

Although many of these incidents occur at night, criminals have become quite active during the day. "Be a team player and if you know your neighbor is not going to be in town, keep an eye out on there house. Or if you're next door to a vacant house or abandoned house or a house up for rent or for sale, please keep an eye on that too," said Patrol Officer Matt Hietala.

To combat the issue, Thomasville Patrol Officers are out in full force. And they are not just patrolling from their cars. TPD has added a fleet of golf carts. "It is a little uncomfortable especially with all of the equipment and gear we have to wear to safeguard ourselves, but in the long run it's well worth it if we can catch one of these criminals red-handed," said Hietala.

These carts are electrically charged and police say they help save the city money on gas. "It's almost like being on a bicycle. You can pretty much sneak up on a subject if they're trying to vandalize or destroy property," said Hietala.

Police are asking the community for help. "If you might have seen something, might have seen someone around a residence looking suspicious, or you might have heard someone talking about the incidents," said Lt. Eric Hampton.

Police say the golf cart patrols are like a double edged sword. They are out patrolling for thieves while also letting gang members and juveniles know they are watching.

If you have information on any of the recent burglaries you can call Thomasville Police at 227-3249.

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