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Fatal shootings appear to be murder-suicide

Prosecutors say a woman who killed her ex-boyfriend and herself late Sunday night also planned to kill another woman.

Luckily, that woman wasn't at the man's northwest Albany apartment when the killer showed up with a gun.

The District Attorney says the killer told a relative she planned to kill everyone in the apartment.

The investigation into the fatal shootings is still ongoing, but Prosecutors say it appears to be a jealousy driven murder suicide.

Prosecutors say the woman started an argument at 30 year old Michael Williams apartment on Graystone Lane about 4:00 Sunday afternoon.   And then returned about 11:30 Sunday night and shot Williams in the chest, then shot herself in the head.

The two bodies were found inside Michael Williams home in Greenbriar Apartments. Police say 28-year-old Marissa Nisbett, the woman killed in the double shooting, was William's ex girlfriend.

 Albany Police Media Manager Phyllis Banks said "She is approximately 28. She has family in New York and Florida."

Prosecutors say Nisbett was driving a rental car from Atlanta when she went to Williams apartment about 4PM Sunday, and found another woman with him.

 Banks said "You have a female guest and an ex-girlfriend that shows up and sees that female guest."

 Dougherty District Attorney Greg Edwards said "There was a physical fight inside of the apartment that resulted in Police being notified of the situation. "

Nisbett threw a cement rock through William's car windshield, and left before Police arrived. Prosecutors say it appears she came back just before midnight and shot Williams at least once in the chest while he sat in a chair.

Her body was found at his feet, shot in the head. Edwards said Nisbett told a relative in a phone call that she planned to kill the other woman too.

 Edwards said "She was not there, and maybe fortunate for her because I think the information that we have available is that everybody was going to be killed, including everybody who was there. She is fortunate not being there, and is alive."

One man who was jogging in the apartment complex when Police arrived was detained and questioned, but then released.

Williams was the owner of Preferred Choice Home Health in Albany. One gun was recovered in his apartment, a 38 caliber revolver.

Police say the investigation continues, but they want to assure the public there is no other person involved. The bodies will be sent to the GBI Crime Lab Tuesday for autopsy.


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