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DCSS Finance committee approves budget

Ten more furlough days are planned for Dougherty County School System Employees.

The School Board finance committee made that recommendation Monday as part of the new year budget which begins July 1st.

The school system plans hold property taxes at the same level. They will also use $12 million  carried over from the current fiscal year to balance the new budget.

Teachers will be getting step raises that are required by state law, while all other school system employees will not get raises. The total School system budget is $189.5 million, about $2.5 million higher than the previous year's spending.

In that same meeting, Dougherty County School Board member David Maschke says 150 school employees are being over paid.

He says some of those are employees who were transferred to lesser paying jobs but their pay was not reduced.

Maschke also says many coaches, assistant coaches, therapists and advisors for school clubs receive higher supplemental pay for extra work, that he says should not be paid.

"We haven't cut all that and we're still over paying all those people. We have about 150 people getting that money, and that adds up to $200,000 in this year's budget. They're literally being overpaid and we know it," said Maschke.

The committee asked the superintendent and his finance department to investigate and report back their findings immediately. However the school board is set to finalize the new budget Wednesday.

  • Click HERE to see a Budget Summary in a PDF file.


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