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Air conditioner thefts a neighborhood nuisance

Many Albany residents are furious, they know that you should lock up your home your car and your valuables, but your air conditioner can be a thief's next target.

Ms. Tiffany Williams was caught off guard as she walked into a sweltering house yesterday afternoon.

"Yesterday about one o'clock me and my sister came home and it was just hot in the house so I called for maintenance to have them come look at the air conditioner unit ."

But when maintenance arrived they both realized the shocking truth, her AC wasn't broken it was completely gone!

''When he came out he was like you know your air conditioner gone I said are you serious! He said that the whole condenser gone'', says Williams.

This issue has been a big problem around town and in residential areas. The spare parts of the AC Unit are sold as scrap metal and thieves will even target homes in broad daylight.

"We didn't leave till twelve so it had to be between one and four, Broad Daylight"

Replacing these units on your own without help of a rental or a maintenance crew can be extremely expensive costing you several thousand dollars. And with this ongoing problem, many have stopped  from purchasing houses in this area.

"I really wouldn't advise nobody to buy no..Buy no house cause they'll get em".

Another home in the area was not as fortunate to get their AC replaced before the weekend and has to settle on a window unit to barely cool the house. But these thieves are very skilled at raiding the units in a short amount of time, causing many residents feel unsafe.

"I might... I might just move because I feel like stuff like that its gonna happen again"

And with there not being many options for securing your unit its a possibility that many others may be a target in the future.

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