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Personal info goes to the wrong person

The Department of Family Children's Services is looking into a strange mix up that could have put the personal information of several south Georgians at risk.

Official state paperwork containing Social Security numbers and financial information ended up in a Leesburg woman's mailbox.

The Department of Human Services is obviously concerned that this information was out there. What's ironic is how a piece of mail that should have gone here to Albany ended up in Leesburg.

The woman who received this information thought it was information she had been waiting for. Instead she got a lot more than that.

When Nesha Myles opened the envelope, she wasn't surprised to see paperwork inside with her name on it. What did surprise her was papers containing sensitive information about three other people she doesn't even know.

It contained a "Bank statement and a bunch of Social Security numbers," she said.

The Georgia Department of Human Services forms were filled out for review by two people from Lee County another from Fitzgerald and include Social Security Numbers. One of the forms even contains financial earnings statements and a voided check.

Myles said she found the envelope in her locked mailbox on TurnKey Drive two days ago. While it's addressed to Dougherty DFCS in Albany she was expecting word from the Department of Children's Services regarding assistance she had applied for.

"I had been called about two weeks ago for a review," so she was expecting something from them.

The envelope has no return address with a postage due stamp on the front. What's more puzzling is how an envelope with an Albany address ended up in Leesburg. So we called the Department of Family and Children Service in Albany to get answers.

A DFCS official told us they would look into the matter. They also sent an official to retrieve the paperwork. Meantime Myles is thankful her information and that of the others didn't end up in the wrong hands.

Now the question is how this ended up in her box in the first place. With no return address it wasn't clear where the envelope was mailed from. Officials at the housing unit where Ms. Myles lives say they have received Albany mail before by accident.

Now that the information is back in the hands of DFACS, they'll work sort this out.

A State DHS official told us they could not comment because it's unclear if this was a postal mix up or a state problem, but they are looking into it.

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