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Doerun still has water trouble

Doerun city leaders extend a watering ban for another month as they try to keep the city water system from going dry.

It could be next week before a new pump can be installed. Hopefully, that will return water service to normal levels.

Farmers continue to water their fields, and that's within their rights, but it continues to be a big draw on the water systems, that's left well pumps from Doerun to Sasser dry.

A temporary submersible pump is keeping nearly 1,000 homes in Doerun supplied with water, but officials say just barely.

"If it gets by the demand people's putting on it now, well start to lose water out of our tank which we've got it reserved in case something does happen," said Public Service Technician Johnny Walters.

There's water in their well, what they need is a different type of pump to reach it.

"There's plenty of water at a deeper depth in the well but at this point in time we've got to get a pump that's sufficient size to the correct depth in the well to be able to get the water back into our system," Walters said.

When the pumps were installed in 1956, the water table in the well was much higher. "The static water level was at 195 feet, and today that same static level is at 250 feet so the water level has fallen 55 feet since when that well was put into service."

 They want residents to understand the city's walking a fine line, if usage goes up, the city's situation could be worse.

"We need people to still be conservative until we can get this in because we're so close to the water amount where we can pump to the demand its so close its scary at times."

Right now the pump is working 18 of the 24 hours in a day to keep the water flowing to local homes.

One Doerun family had to postpone putting in a pool because of the situation. Doerun city leaders are holding a small amount of water in reserve for emergencies, such as a fire during these dry conditions.


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