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Multimodal transportation center one step closer

Albany Commissioners reached an agreement with the Federal Transportation Authority, the State Historic Preservation Commission and the Creek Indians to build the Transportation Center at Washington and Roosevelt. 

The first phase of the environmental assessment will be done and design and engineering of the project will move forward.

The city found some pieces of pottery on the site between Washington and Roosevelt. The memorandum will preserve those artifacts for the Creek Indians.

"It includes issue that whether or not we would run across, in the construction, whether we would run across historic items, how we would manage that process, we would excavate, we would X-ray and those sort of things," said Albany City Manager James Taylor.

Engineering and Design for the project will take about six months, work on the center will begin in the first quarter of next year.

The city started planning for the center 13 years ago. It will include bus, shuttle, and taxi service.

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