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Quitman Police search for credit card thief


We have surveillance video Monday of a suspected thief using stolen credit cards at a Valdosta convenience store.

Police say the woman broke into an SUV in Brooks County then headed to Valdosta where she bought snacks and gas. Quitman Police need your help to find out who she is.

Take a good look at this woman caught on camera inside the Raceway convenience store in Valdosta on Highway 133. Police say she was using stolen credit cards here right after breaking into a Tahoe Thursday morning.

"She had already purchased gas about $42 worth outside and went inside and used different credit cards to purchase drinks doritos and some other things," said Carol Thompson.

After shattering the window of the SUV that was parked here at Brooks County Middle School, police say the woman grabbed Thompson's purse.

The item Thompson treasures most is gone too, a pink cool pix camera and memory cards that had lots of pictures of her premature grand babies.

"She's got my credit cards, checks and she has my purse but I just need my camera back," said Thompson.

"We got several leads and several people coming forward saying they know this female but they don't know her full name and that's what we're trying to find out," said Quitman Police Capt. Calvin Troy.

As you can see the suspect is white, between 5'5" and 5'6." Police say she was wearing a Guess shirt.

"Times are tough right now but it still don't give you the right to take somebody else's property," said Capt. Troy.

Carol Thompson says this is an invasion of privacy and says it's already cost her $300  to repair the damage done to her Tahoe. She hopes with these pictures and video you'll be able to help police identify her.

Quitman Police remind you keep valuables out of plainview. If your car or home is was broken into, call police and don't touch anything at the crime scene so the officer can process it.

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