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Employee robbed by knifepoint at Sara Lee store

It was dark outside as Tommy Jones unloaded his trailer saturday morning at Albany's Sara Lee Distribution Center. His coworker was working inside the office but as Jones was doing his routine he felt a strange presence.

Jones says, "I thought I saw something behind me but we got a lot homeless guys that come around now and then wanting a loaf of bread".

But it wasn't someone looking for food, instead it was a knife wielding robber demanding his wallet.

"I turned around and this guy had a mask on and a butcher knife and its obvious he wanted something more than bread he wanted a different kind of bread."

Jones obeyed but had one request of the robber that upset him even more.

"I pulled my wallet out and I told him to just take the money and leave my credit cards and all and he pushed the knife into my stomach."

After giving up his wallet the masked man forced Jones to get on the ground and then took off running but he says the monetary sacrifice means little considering how close he came to potentially losing his life.

"I was just thinking to myself i lived this long I dont want to die out here like this you now theres more important things than your bill fold, but from now on they will be locked and there will be laser wire on top of the gates."

And with there being a lack of cameras the police have their work cut out for them.

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