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Four year old bit by fox: Is it the Darton Fox?

It was like a scary movie for little Donterrius Boone...while playing with cousins in a yard near his neighborhood and a fox attacked him.

The four year old didn't do anything to provoke the attack. His mother just heard her son crying and ran out to see what happened

His mother Angela Boone, says "It came out of no where, they were just out there playing".

That is when she discovered the bite mark on her son's foot and saw the animal run away.. the family almost didn't recognize what it was.

They wonder if it's the same fox that attacked a woman on the Darton walking track last night and another person in a neighborhood near Darton recently.

"It make me really scared cause they be playing out there all the time, a lot of kids be out in the neighborhood playing."

Donterrius was taken to the hospital and immediately given four vaccinations. He'll get more shots for the next 3 weeks to make sure he doesn't contract Rabies, which can be deadly especially in children.

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