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Drought effect on Radium Springs, nearly dry

If you've wondered what effect the drought is having on the aquifer, just take a ride out to Radium Springs.

You can see it's dried up in several spots.  All the fish have gathered in one remaining pond of water.  Officials remind you it is illegal to fish in the springs.  They've caught several people taking advantage of the situation recently.

"Frankly at the spring itself there is no fishing allowed. We've run several people off who've tried to take advantage of shall we say captured fish that are within the spring, but it's unique and interesting to see mother nature at one of her tough times," said Wes Smith, Albany Assistant City Manager.

Officials say the severe drought and the increased amount of water farmers are pulling from wells and the aquifer have dropped the water levels significantly.

Conditions aren't as bad at the springs as they were in 2007.

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