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Woman attacked by fox on Darton College campus

An Albany woman was recovering Friday after a fox attacked her Thursday night on the Darton College campus.

Luckily, a football team was wrapping up practice nearby and rushed to help her. The players beat the animal with footballs and helmets and forced it back into the woods. The attack is raising concerns about wild animals.

Evette Mills screams as she walked this area of Darton College's walking track caught the attention of the South Georgia Noles football team.

"She was swinging and waiving her arms around and from a distance it looked like she had maybe a scarf or something, wrapped around her," said Marcus Nelson, Noles Player.

As players ran closer they realized it was an animal, a fox pursuing Mills. Marcus Nelson was the first to reach her.

"I had a football in my hand, and I threw the football, grabbing sticks trying to get it off of her. I hit it one time, it grabbed a hold of the stick," said Nelson.

For a brief moment Marcus and the fox locked eyes.

"You know when you make eye contact with something or with an animal, it was just weird it was like I connected with it, yeah I'm going to come after you and he's looking at me like, yeah I know you're trying to get me out of here," said Nelson.

Other players soon reached them.

"Me and a couple of players kinds of ran down there and took our helmets off and threw them at the fox," said Lakevious Riley, another Noles player.

They say the animal quickly realized it was out numbered.

"It kind of eased up and walked off slowly and it went off into that little hole over there in the fence," said Riley.

The damage was already done. A coach used his cell phone to call 911, as players looked after Mills until help arrived.

"She was bleeding right here so somebody took something off, tore it off wrapped it and put a little pressure on it to stop the bleeding," said Riley.

The incident has Darton College officials warning everyone on campus to use caution on the walking track.

"We have our security, the police officers are watching that area in particularly and have also been on alert throughout campus and are letting visitors and guests know," said Krista Robitz, Darton College Communications & Philanthropy Director.

In an effort to keep everyone safe, and to keep something like this from happening again.>

Players and college officials say it's not unusual to see animals in this area. There is a wooded area, and there has been a lot of construction on here that could be displacing some of these animals. Evette Mills is undergoing the medical treatment. Darton College sent out an email to all faculty, staff, and students.

They're also talking with plant operations to try to get some signs out to warn walkers on the track to use caution and not approach any wildlife that may wander on campus.

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