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AC's and repairmen run in high gear

The heat wave continues. It's the ninth day of June, and so far this month we haven't had a high temperature below 97º. That means air conditioners running nearly non-stop. Repair men are working overtime, and rental agencies are shelling out big bucks to keep their AC units running.

For 1 Key Realty it's meant a lot of calls from their renters. "It's stressing their units. We're having a lot more repair calls, we're having more tenants calling saying, my air is out help me," said Jackie Dixon.

Keeping up with those repairs is costly. "We have spent almost $20,000 in heating and air conditioning repairs and replacements. We've had a lot of little things, there are switches, we had a switch that had to be replaced because a lizard died on it."

For Pollock Heating and Cooling, it's meant a lot of calls earlier in the year than expected. They recommend you not turn the unit off while you're not at home.

 "When it's that hot outside you really can't, it needs to be left, you can set it up a few degrees if you desire but its really best to set it where you want it when it's 103º and hope it gets there,"  Pollock's Billy Goodson said.

They say systems here aren't designed to handle a more than 22-degree temperature swing from inside to outside. They say proper maintenance can make a big difference especially the higher the mercury climbs.

"Dirty coils are a big issue because that won't show up at 85º but at 103º any little think like not even a completely stopped up coil, a coil that's maybe 60% stopped up or 50% stopped up, you're going to lose capacity," Goodson said.

That's why property owners need to be mindful, even when cutting the grass.

"Make sure you're systems off when you go by it because, when you go by it with that mower if its running its sucking air and it will suck every bit of that cut grass into that thing and it can stop it up in one pass," Goodson said.

Which is why they suggest you have your system cleaned and checked at least once a year, and why they say it's so important to change the filter regularly. 

Keeping your air conditioning unit clean can also lower your utility bill because a clean system runs more efficiently.



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