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More bachelor's degrees available at ABAC

Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College rolled out a new four-year degree in Biology Thursday; Its first bachelors degree in the college of Math and Sciences.

School officials hope it attracts more students and encourages those getting an associate's degree in biology to stay put rather than transferring.

The board of regents approved the four year biology degree this week, and students and faculty are excited, because it's something the school has been working towards for a long time

Constance Terrell has always wanted to do something in the medical field, so she chose to major in biology. "You can use biology in a number of different things whether it be medical teaching pharmacy," she said.

She planned to graduate with her Associates degree in Biology this Spring from ABAC, and then transfer to finish up her remaining two years somewhere else. "Once I get my degree I either want to go into pre-med and go to medical school, or go into the teaching field to teach biology."

But now her plans may change with ABAC's brand new Bachelors Degree in Biology, which means Terrell wouldn't have to transfer to finish up.

"Since it is so close to Moultrie, I wouldn't have to move far off to finish out my four year degree."

ABAC's President, Doctor David Bridges says this is an important step for the college. "This is our first disciplinary degree in the college of arts and sciences."

He hopes the new offering will not only encourage more students to enroll, but also encourage more students to stay.

"Many have said, 'Well if you have that degree, we would stay,' so I think there are a large number of students interested in this degree," Bridges said.

And the small class size will help students develop closer and more personal relationships with their professors. "I feel like they aren't just interested in you learning the curriculum and passing the class but fully understanding it so that you can use it later on."

Which could help students in the future, "They are learning that I can take a class at ABAC where the professor not only knows my name but considers it a success story if he writes me a letter of reference for med school or pharmacy school and I get in."

A recent study showed that almost half of the students studying in biology related fields at ABAC were interested in pursing a Bachelors degree at the school. 

This fall they will be offering a genetics course, a micro biology course and a bio chemistry course, which are three key course students going into the pre-professional field need.

In addition to a bachelor's degree in Biology, ABAC will also offering a four-year degree in Natural Resource Management this August.


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