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Albany still has grass, tree regs

Even though the drought is keeping is keeping un-watered grass from growing much, Albany Code Enforcers still remind you to keep your lawn mowed.

You could get a citation if your grass is more than 12 inches tall. Shrubs are exempt from the ordinance, unless they're blocking a right of way or causing a safety hazard.

With the threat of severe weather this time of year, code enforcers are especially worried about dead trees.

"The ordinances see a standing dead tree as a nuisance, and it would be the property owner's responsibility to get rid of that nuisances, but it has to be dead," said Code Enforcer Mike Tilson. "Many people will see a tree on death spiral some people will call it, it's on it's way to be dead but its still alive and we do not get involved with that; that's a civil matter."

It is illegal to remove trees on any commercial property without a permit, and it is also illegal to remove or alter public trees located on a right of way.

You can file a complaint about unkempt property in your neighborhood by calling 311.

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