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Car thieves have been on a roll

Motor vehicle theft and car break-ins are on the rise according to Albany Police. So it's extremely important that you protect your vehicle. In the past two weeks at least eight cars or more were broken into.

APD says the best defense is a strong offense. Keeping your car locked and windows up makes it that much harder for criminals.

A thief stole Elizabeth Myler's locked 2006 Nissan while she was sleeping. "It's like they walked up, unlocked it, and drove off. And I had the only two keys to it," she said.

"It's scary. I mean because you're afraid and you think where you live is safe. Because you've locked you're vehicle," said Myler.

The night her car was stolen nine other people had there cars broken into.

"You get out your car everyday and lock it thinking everything will be safe. But apparently not because they can still get it," she said.

Last month more than a dozen cars were stolen, and APD says thieves were the busiest on Thursday.

Detective Calandra Ball says they have seen an increase in motor vehicle thefts and break-ins. "We're advising everyone lock your doors and keep valuables out of sight," said Ball.

Police collected tons of data to support that claim. The most active days of the week for car break-ins are Monday and Tuesday in the afternoon. And they say more than half of car break-ins happened because the doors were unlocked.

Elizabeth Myler reminds us, "Nobody's safe from this, it doesn't matter where you live. It can happen to you," she said.

Police found her car but the people who stole it are still on the loose. APD is encouraging everyone to call police anytime you see suspicious activity in your neighborhood.


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