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Group proposes way to deal with feral cat population

Albany city commissioners today got a look at a new proposed policy to deal with feral cats. The citizens advisory committee spent nine months looking into the problem and coming up with a plan.

They want every pet cat that's allowed to roam outside to be spayed neutered and to have an ID so that if animal control picks it up they can return the cat to its owner.

A cat picked up without an ID would be taken to a veterinarian, spayed or neutered, vaccinated then returned to the area where it was found.

Disney World uses a similar policy to control the feral cat population on its property.

"They maintain their feral colonies and that's how they maintain their rodents and snakes and things like that, so if a company of that size has adopted it and other cities have adopted it we think its the right thing for Albany as well," said Wes Smith, Assistant City Manager.

Right now, the city pays the Albany humane society an average of $75.00 per animal to care for, kill and cremate animals brought in by animal control.

Since these cats will not go there the money saved will go to the spay and neuter program.

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